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Jungar Banner Xinrong Chemicals Co., Ltd(“Xinrong Group), which lies in Shagedu Development Industry Zone,Jungar Banner,Erdos City,Inner Mongolia. Xinrong Group is one professional enterprise focusing in manufacturing calcium carbide,paraffin wax,caustic soda,PVC,FeSi,MnFe and some other chemicals as well as institutions in charge of international trade. In Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou , it has sales service institutions. 
The company's products are widely used in environmental protection (steel plant desulfurization and deoxidization), metallurgy (metal welding and cutting), chemical industry (fluorine chemical industry and other fine chemical products) and other fields, and the quality of products is guaranteed and the price is excellent.

The developing strategy of Xinrong Group is to reach the production capability of 100,000 tons of top grade calcium carbide in 2020 to be backbone in field of manufacture spare parts for world steel and chemical industry and providing service as well as the manufacture base for key products, to be the successful executants of new enterprise culture focusing on the innovation of system and technique, and to be well-known in world calcium carbide top class enterprise.


Jungar Banner Xinrong Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Add:Shagedu Development Industry Zone,Jungar Banner,Erdos City,Inner Mongolia,China




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